Cantine Merolla Wines

Tenuta Merolla is located in the hilly part of the province of Benevento in area Melizzano, one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of production of Sannio.

Traditional local grape varieties such as Aglianico and Falanghina, which have been accompanied varieties of exotic Fiano, Greco, Merlot, Barbera which in these lands have found climatic conditions unparalleled in the development and production of great wines.

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Tenuta Merolla
Aglianico DOC Sannio


NAME: Rosa Bruna
GRAPE: Aglianico
Technical sheet

Barbera DOC Sannio


NAME: Yaara
GRAPE: Barbera
Technical sheet

Falanghina DOC Sannio


NAME: Dafne
GRAPE: Falanghina
Technical sheet

Fiano DOC Sannio


NAME: Evanthe
GRAPE: Fiano
Technical sheet

Greco DOC Sannio


NAME: Zahir
GRAPE: Greco
Technical sheet

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