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Tenuta Merolla
Tenuta Merolla is located in the hilly part of the province of Benevento in area Melizzano, one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of production of Sannio.

Traditional local grape varieties such as Aglianico and Falanghina, which have been accompanied varieties of exotic Fiano, Greco, Merlot, Barbera which in these lands have found climatic conditions unparalleled in the development and production of great wines. The high plant density (5000 vines / ha) and the method of pruning aimed at obtaining low yields are further guarantees for the quality of the grapes that are picked at full ripeness strictly by hand and placed it gently in boxes.

The workmanship on the same farm, just minutes from the collection and the rapid cooling of crushed grapes to ensure the retention of the fragrance of the fruit during the winemaking process.

Only for red wines is a careful use of wood, barrels and barrels of 500 liters, for optimal ripeness which preserves the fruit carefully dedicating new and second use barrels. The olive trees scattered throughout the company integrates the production with refined oils.

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